Coding for Kids

Creating the coders of tomorrow!

In today’s digital age, coding and computing are some of the most valuable skills that a young person can hold. As with learning a sport or language, the very best coders start at an early age. Our programme provides children with a fascinating and fun insight into the exciting world of coding:

Visual programming with [Scratch/Java/Python]

Develop problem solving skills

Unleash their creativity

How much does it cost?

Term Classes -  £120


Course of 8 x 1-hour classes held on Mondays at 5pm throughout October and November to provide your child with a relaxed introduction to coding.

Christmas Camp - £150


An intensive 5 day camp with 2-hours of immersive, project-based coding each day to provide your child with a fun week of activities during the holidays.

One-on-one Tutoring - £40/hr


Personalised one-on-one tutoring to provide your child with an accelerated and comprehensive understanding at every level, on your schedule.

What is Coding for Kids?

Coding is the process by which programmers instruct a computer how to perform a task. It involves writing programs in one of many different languages and is both a technical and creative process. Coding for Kids is a class that teaches the fundamentals of this important skill in a way that’s engaging and fun, with the aim of igniting a future passion in the subject!

What do the students gain?

Learning a new language - learning any new language strengthens verbal and written skills and increases brain connectivity; and coding is conducted through its very own language!

Developing problem solving skills - applying their newly learned language and overcoming the obstacles that invariably arise cultivates fundamental problem solving skills 

Fostering creativity - the opportunity to design something of their own and the experimental process that comes with it, strengthens new and creative pathways in the brain, enabling different ways of thinking.

Builds resilience - children learn to bounce back from each new challenge that coding presents and learn a vital life lesson; failure is an opportunity for learning.

Improves maths skills - without even realising, children develop logic and calculation skills, making coding an excellent activity for children who are maths-averse

How does it work?

How many children will be in a class

Each class holds a maximum of 4 children so that tutors have the time to dedicate enough attention and support to every child in the class.

Who are these classes suitable for?

These classes are excellent for 7-12 year olds with an interest in all things technical, mathematical or scientific but who have little to no prior experience in coding. If your child is slightly older you might be interested in our Coding for Teens class.

What content will be covered

Our courses will cover the fundamentals of Scratch, Python and Java languages at a level appropriate for 7-12 year olds, covering topics such as variables,data types, strings, operators, built-in and user functions and much more.

How are classes delivered?

Our classes are delivered over Zoom with Coding Combat, award winning educational coding programmes that teach key coding skills through hands-on exercises and games. All that is needed is a laptop / computer and webcam.

If you are interested in finding out more, please register your interest here.

The best coding school my child has ever attended. Period.

~ Gabriel, Parent

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