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In years 10 and 11, students face the first set of real exams in their educational lives: GCSEs. As a compulsory subject, English literature and language is taken by thousands of students every year and students will be tested on important reading, writing and analytical skills. However not all students manage to immediately set off on the right foot. Misunderstanding texts, leaving past papers to the last minute or struggling to structure a revision timetable can lead to increasing panic as the exam dates loom closer.


Our highly qualified tutors aim to turn this journey into a positive one by helping students discover their passion for literature and the English language, thereby setting students on the path to exam success.

Our tutors can teach all elements of the National Curriculum for GCSE years 10 - 11 (ages 14-16):


English Literature:

  • Shakespeare play

  • Post-1914 British play or novel

  • 19th century novel

  • Poetry collection


English Language:

  • Fiction and imaginative writing

  • Non-fictional and transactional writing

  • Spoken language


English Literature:

  • Shakespeare play

  • 19th century novel

  • Modern prose or drama text

  • Poetry anthology


English Language:

  • Explorations in creative reading and writing

  • Writers’ viewpoints and perspectives

  • Spoken language


English Literature:

  • Shakespeare play

  • Post-1789 poetry

  • 19th century novel

  • British modern prose or drama text


English Language:

  • Communicating information and ideas

  • Exploring effects and impacts

  • Spoken language

Why our tutors?

Our exceptional tutors comprise of published authors, Oxbridge graduates and experienced teachers and academics, who have the subject knowledge and tutoring experience necessary to ensure every teenager achieves their goals. By expanding on each students’ individual interests as well as providing an exciting new perspective on the subject, our tutors are able to create lesson plans that will ignite enthusiasm in reading and writing.


In addition to this, a focus on exam technique and revision skills as exams draw closer, allows for students to achieve the grades they have been aiming for. This tailored tutoring service is delivered entirely through our online platform, allowing students to enjoy tuition from the comfort of their own home.

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Featured Tutor: Roxanne

“Hi I’m Roxanne and I have years of experience teaching English and humanities, as well as English as a Foreign Language. I enjoy reading 16th to 19th century literature such as Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway and Shakespeare. I am a hard-working and patient teacher, who is willing to work for as long as it takes for my students to understand a concept in as many different ways as possible and to use a wide range of teaching strategies to help students find their passion for literature!”


What have our parents been saying?

“Roxanne did a wonderful job engaging and uninterested 13-year-old boy in English! Thank you.”

How much does it cost?

From £35.10/hr

What's included

One to One Tuition

Personalised curriculum

Fun and dynamic learning

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