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The ‘We Make Academics’ family is made up of a community of outstanding tutors with a shared goal of empowering individuals through education. Comprising medical doctors, published authors, industry professionals and renowned academics, our diverse team of tutors have a wide range of specialisations and experience - meaning that every student is able to find their perfectly matched tutor to guide them through their academic journey.

Meet Chiara

Since completing her studies in Neuroscience at Oxford University, co-founder and managing director Chiara McDermott has embarked on a mission to share the opportunities and experiences she gained at Oxford, with students worldwide. Initially starting as a small group of tutors from Oxford and Cambridge, the company has now grown rapidly to encompass experienced professionals, qualified teachers and brilliant minds from all corners of the world.

Why online?

We have chosen to dedicate ourselves to one medium of tutoring, so that we can dedicate all our time and energy to perfecting our craft. We believe that the future of education rests on the quality, consistency and comfort provided by online teaching:

  • Quality: families are able to access the highest quality tutors without geographical limitations, in the comfort of their own home - with no compromise on the quality of interaction thanks to HD video calling tools and our online whiteboard.

  • Consistency: lessons do not need to be interrupted if families or tutors travel during the holidays or if COVID restrictions or lockdowns are in place. Regular report updates are emailed following every lesson, so parents can track progress.

  • Comfort: no more hassle travelling to and from lessons - students and parents can feel more relaxed in their own home and free from time pressures. Records of all lesson whiteboards can be saved digitally, reducing the need for paper notes..

What people say

Sarah, parent of Terry

Easy to book and schedule classes. It was a weight off my mind knowing Terry was getting best in class education.

Diksha, Parent of Riya

I wanted to say that Jess has been incredible!   Riya has already jumped 2 grades in her Chemistry.  Jess has taught Riya in a few weeks what she has been unable to grasp in a year at school.  Very lucky to have found her.  We are very happy with the service.  Thank you.

Joe, parent of Lola

Why home study your children in these testing times when you can have an expert do it? It is so vital to not leave our children behind so this made sense. Thank you Chiara for all your help. She is jumping up levels!

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We Make Academics is a leading online tutoring organisation providing tutoring services for children aged 4-17 in the U.K and beyond. We make it easy for everyone to access some of the worlds best online tutors.


We tutor English, Maths, Science and many other subjects. Whether you need help with your GCSE's or want to support your child's home schooling, We Make Academics is the right tutoring partner to help your child become the best student they can be.

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