Our roadmap to success

At WMA, we believe that education opens doors to unimaginable opportunities. To this end, we have dedicated ourselves to crafting the perfect formula for inspiring students to discover their passion for learning and enabling them to achieve their fullest academic potential.


Our success is a result of our unique philosophy built upon three important pillars:

Hand-Picked Tutors

We have invested hundreds of hours into personally meeting, interviewing and assessing every single one of our tutors to ensure that they hold the subject knowledge and teaching experience necessary to bring their subject to life.


We believe that academic success rests upon fun and confidence, and so it is important to us that tutors are able to bring enthusiasm and encouragement to every lesson, ensuring that students look forward to tutoring each week and are instilled with a new-found confidence in the classroom. Furthermore, our search for impressive tutors is guided by discovering individuals whose roles extend beyond that of a teacher, acting also as mentors and role-models during an important time in young people’s lives.

Student-Tutor Matching

At WMA, we do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to teaching and so we aim to match specialist teachers with students that we think will benefit most from their specific teaching style. Our extensive tutor interviewing allows us to not only assess tutors on their qualifications and experience, but also to understand their personalities and teaching styles.


We also ask our clients to provide us with as much information as possible in regards to their children’s personalities, educational attainment, extra-curricular passions (and dislikes!) which allows us to personally match every student with the tutor that we believe will be their best fit. We then ensure that parents and/or students meet the tutors for an introductory Zoom chat or trial lesson before confirming, to further ensure an optimal student-tutor match.

Bespoke Lesson Plans

Our one-to-one tutoring couldn’t be more different to the group teaching seen in school classrooms throughout the country.


By having a dedicated private tutor, every student receives an entirely personalised curriculum and suite of teaching tools, tailored to each individual student's goals and unique learning styles.

For example:

Take, Alfie: He didn’t receive much support from his school during lockdown and has now started year 10 with large gaps in his year 9 knowledge. He is struggling to keep up with this term’s work and his confidence has been knocked. Alfie needs a patient and encouraging tutor with a thorough understanding of the KS3 and GCSE curriculum, who can work on identifying and filling in the gaps in his knowledge as well as building his self-esteem with confidence boosting exercises and plenty of praise.

On the other hand, Charlotte was supported thoroughly by her school during lockdown and recently, discovered a new passion for physics. Charlotte would love to learn more at school, but her teachers have already covered all the physics content on the national curriculum. Charlotte needs a fun and creative physics specialist who can spur on Charlotte’s extra-curricular  enthusiasm by providing her with an exciting insight into the world of quantum mechanics and space studies, delivered in an age-appropriate fashion.

Whether students are looking to tackle an exam or boost their confidence in a certain subject, our tutors will be able to provide an exciting new perspective on every subject and equip students with the skills they need to harness their true potential, both in and out of the classroom.


Furthermore, our management team remains involved and in contact throughout a student’s entire journey with us, allowing us to build trusting relationships with the families we work with and seeing our students flourish.

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