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Whether you want to go to Oxford or Cambridge University, we have your back.

The Oxford and Cambridge admissions processes are some of the most competitive and daunting in the world. The safety and security of the A-level curriculum fades away when you are sat face-to-face with three internationally renowned professors interviewing you on their areas of expertise.


However, an education at one of these prestigious universities provides students with the opportunity of a lifetime; receiving an education from world-class academics in an internationally renowned institution.

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At We Make Academics, our tutors are here to guide you every step of the way: from deciding which college would be the best fit for you to making you feel comfortable under high-pressure interview conditions, we will ensure that you achieve your very best.

Our programme provides:

Advice on different colleges and courses - Our tutors can provide first-hand insight to the differences and similarities between the different colleges at Oxford and Cambridge as well as providing a taste for what each different course will be like.

Support with writing the UCAS personal statement - Your UCAS application is the first thing that admissions staff will see of you and so a strong personal statement is vital. In some cases, extended essays or other types of work may also be required. We provide advice and support on how to create an application that stands out from the crowd.

Tutoring for the admissions test - Many courses require you to sit an admissions test prior to being accepted for an interview. Our tutors have extensive experience in providing classes that help you tackle all the kinds of questions that may come up.

Realistic interview preperation - It can be difficult to think clearly and demonstrate your ability and passion if you are nervous during the interview and unsure of what to expect. We recreate these interview conditions to familiarise you with the high-pressure environment and style of questioning so that when the day comes, you will have the confidence to shine.

Our bespoke Oxbride admissions service is delivered by a selection of cherry-picked Oxford or Cambridge graduates who have themselves been through the admissions process.


Each lesson takes the same personalised style of one-on-one teaching as used in Oxbridge tutorials to provide a thought-provoking and unique exploration of each subject and inspire novel patterns of thought and inquiry. This is achieved through our online platform, allowing students to enjoy their tuition from the comfort of their own home.

Each session includes:

online tuition


Fun & Dynamic Learning

One of the most important pieces of advice that we could give to an Oxbridge applicant is to be yourself.


Our personalised programme seeks to bring out the very best in you, demonstrating your passion, your ability and why you stand apart from the rest.

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